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Sedation Dentist Keller, Tx

Do you have a fear of getting dental treatment done? If yes, then you’re not alone, there are a lot of people who are so phobic about going to the dentists for their dental health care and treatment. It happens that most of the time, people get afraid of going to the dentist because the treatment will bring toothache and pain.

But at West Keller Dental, things don’t go like that. We have special care for our patients; our skilled sedation dentist Keller  – Dr. Saurabh Singhal provide painless dentistry services. So if you’re worried about any pain, then stop it, leave everything on us. We provide special sedation dental care to all types of teeth. These dental fear and anxiety are not only seen in children but is often seen among adults. And to remove this fear from people, we’ve got sedation dentistry.

With Sedation, you get your dental health care, and treatment is done without any pain, it is safe and is preferred by most of the patients. No matter whether you’re looking for a simple tooth cleaning or for any other treatment, Sedation helps and works for all. As in Sedation dentistry, certain medications are used to help patients relax during their dental procedures.

Sometimes people often call it as sleep dentistry, but it’s not that accurate. As patients are awake and are in a proper sense during the whole process, and so often called as oral conscious Sedation. We care for you all, and that’s why we’ve excelled in Sedation dentistry so that you don’t have to face dental fear anymore.

Make Dentistry More Simple and Painless

The dental procedure is not a five minutes process, based on the type of dental process; it takes one or more hours to perform. But thanks to sedation dentistry, as with it those hours feels like a few minutes. People are afraid and are anxious about undergoing the long and complicated dental treatment procedure, but with sedation dentistry, it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole dental treatment process. And of course, it helps you to achieve a smile without any pain.

Sometimes people have sensitive oral nerves, and many people also have a small mouth that becomes sore during any dental treatment. So in these cases, oral sedation dentistry is highly preferred. Drugs used in Sedation are adequately mapped so that you don’t feel any pain during the whole process. People often search for sedation dentistry for kids as they have more fear of dental treatment that adults have. It is the most recommended and painless dental procedure that our expert dentist Keller Texas provides at West Keller Dental.

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Methods of Sedation

Based on your overall health, including both physical and mental conditions, the types of Sedation that will be applied during the dental procedure differs. Depending upon the case of your oral health, different types of sedation are available.

IV Sedation:

Here IV stands for Intravenous Sedation which is a common method of anti-anxiety agency in which the sedative is directly injected into a vein. In the IV Sedation dentistry process, you’ll feel no pain, though you’ll be awake during the whole treatment but will be less aware of the procedure. It requires some recovery time before you move from the clinic.

Oral Sedation:

Here comes oral sedation dentistry when you’re not looking for injections. As in Oral Sedation, you’ll have a pill that will make you feel drowsy during the process. In this oral conscious Sedation, you’ll be awake and will be responsive; for instance, you’ll listen and respond.

Nitrous Oxide:

The third type of Sedation is called Laughing Gas, often referred to as Nitrous Oxide. In this sedation process, laughing gas is combined with oxygen through a mask that is kept over your nose. It helps you to get relaxed during the procedure, and it doesn’t require time to recover. It has minimal recovery time.


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