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General Dental Checkups & Cleaning in Keller, Tx

We all are very concerned about our physical and mental health, but many times we forget that having good oral health contributes to both physical and mental health. And when it comes to maintaining good oral health, then it is necessary to undergo dental check-up at some regular intervals. It is preferred that people should go for dental check-ups once every six months. And based on their teeth’s status, they may have to change the visit from one to any number of times. At West Keller Dental, we offer all types of dental check-ups from the professional and trained dentists who will help you in surfacing dental issues at the right time and thus keeping your mouth healthy. We will deeply examine your whole mouth, teeth, and gums, followed by the consultancy of their eating and cleaning habits. In case if we found any patient suffering from any dental problems, we will proceed further with other dental treatments. Since having dental check-ups clearly elaborate about the issues that are existing and that might occur, we could take possible steps to avoid and prevent them.

What is included in check-up and cleaning

When you go for any dental check-up and clean, there are multiple processes that a dentist follows. Since at West Keller Dental, we’ve got experienced and skilled professionals, so they do all of the check-up and other procedures with complete professionalism. Below is the list of processes that we follow on a general basis that will save your time and oral health both.

General Dental Check-Up: We will be checking the overall health of your mouth to check whether or not any further actions and steps are needed. A check-up helps to detect diseases, abnormalities, and other early signs of teeth issues.

Dental Cleaning: Since we eat varieties of food, our teeth get in touch with few chemicals and acids which are not so good for our teeth. Hence we see some stains and discoloration on our teeth. So in this process, we polish your teeth to remove any stains, further we built-up plaque and tartar.

Dental X-Ray: Dental x-ray is a standard practice to find any decay in between the teeth. Dental x-ray helps in finding the appropriate solutions for your misaligned or abnormal teeth. Based on the check-up and issue, a number of Xrays may vary. We do both 3-d and panoramic dental x-ray to find our dental irregularities and the results of the treatment.

3d Dental X-Ray: It is a modern practice of doing dental x-rays that has more reliability and better results. Here our experts use radiations that are similar to radiographic imaging; then a 3d cone beam is used to convert the images formed into a three-dimensional view. It helps to see all the views of the patient’s mouth, hence easier for finding nerves, jaw joints, and soft tissues.

Dental Fluoride: Our expert dentists will apply some fluoride on your teeth so that the enamel of your teeth could be strengthened. Also, it helps to protect your teeth against any tooth decay. Based on the status of your teeth, our fluoride deployment process varies.

Are you looking for general dental checkup or teeth cleaning service in Keller, Tx?

West Keller Dental is well-known dentistry Keller, Tx which is popularly known for dental treatments, check-ups, and dental x rays. All you need to do is just simply disclose your dental problems, concerns, and symptoms with us. Our professionals will do the proper assistance and consultancy to find the definite results to solve your dental issues. Get in touch with our professionals now to get your dental check-up and cleaning done in no time.


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